How Soul Impressions Was Born:

Everyone asks me where I got the idea for the temporary tattoos and to be honest it was a chain of events. 

Having beaten depression three times in 12 years and having just recovered from the last bout, I realised that my self-care was a bit well, shall we say, not too good. I was looking for new ways to help me on the path to great health once again and thought that the spiritually and holistic approach was the way to go.

About that time, I had noticed a wonderful American company doing sponsored advertising on Facebook with temporary tattoos, but these won’t just any tattoos.  They were empowering and inspiring with positive words, affirmations and images.

Being a Dru Yoga teacher and a Reiki master, I had worked with affirmations both in my daily practice, with students in class, and clients in my Reiki practice.  To see people, transform their lives through movement and words is nothing short of a miracle.

I knew that there was a market for these tattoos to help us through some tough times or just the confirm where we are in life.  So, with an email sent to Frank Gjata, the founder of Conscious Ink, I started to bring this powerful transformation tool to New Zealand.

With help from my husband Wayne, Soul Impressions was born.  Soul Impressions is all about transforming peoples’ lives so that they feel empowering to get over any hurdles that life may throw at them.

What started with temporary tattoos has now blossomed into other products to help people with their self-care, holistic wellness and healing.

We know what’s it like to hit rock bottom and how hard it is to get up.  We’ve been there and sometimes are still doing it! But remember as one of my favourite temporary tattoos says, “you are stronger than you think”.

 Please keep in contact through our email list to hear about ways and products to transform your life.


Julie Fechney

Proudly New Zealand Owned and Operated 

Julie Fechney

Holistic wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil spirit.
Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness.


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