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My 7 Steps to Reading Oracle Cards

STEP 1: Set Your Intention:When reading Oracle Cards, there is an immense benefit in beginning with a clear intention for what you are trying to accomplish. I like to begin my readings by cleansing my cards, usually knocking on them three times to "drop" any unwanted energy that may have attached to the cards. (This is separate to the regular smudging that I do with the cards).Then take a few moments to breathe, relax and shift your awareness inward. Next call in your team of guides and angels o...

January 22, 2023

Your Spiritual Team That Has Your Back

Know that behind you everyday is your metaphysical team who guide, comfort, and protect you on your journey through life.Here's a rundown on some of the team members. Look out next week for the rest of the team.SPIRIT GUIDES were once human but have ascended to a higher level of consciousness to become angelic guides.They are assigned to you because they have a deep understanding of the soul lessons that you need to learn in this life time. They can also be a religious figure, a soulmate, an ani...

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