Your Spiritual Team That Has Your Back

Your Spiritual Team

Know that behind you everyday is your metaphysical team who guide, comfort, and protect you on your journey through life.

Here's a rundown on some of the team members. Look out next week for the rest of the team.

SPIRIT GUIDES were once human but have ascended to a higher level of consciousness to become angelic guides.

They are assigned to you because they have a deep understanding of the soul lessons that you need to learn in this life time. They can also be a religious figure, a soulmate, an animal, or a loved one who has crossed over.

Spirit Guides are there to offer you guidance, support and clarity to the situations in your life. They will never tell you what to do, but they will always guide you to the right answer.

SPIRIT TEAMS are made up of our Guardian Angels and Archangels.

Unlike Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels have never been human before and have only ever existed in Divine form.

They are high energy beings who are here to protect and watch out for your soul on its earthly journey.

Archangels are the master Angels and oversee all souls on earth and even other Angels and Spirit Guides.

They are of an extremely high vibration and can be evoked to help through any problem or issue, or when you need protection. No problem is too small for an Archangel!

While Guardian and Spirit guides can sometimes be unique to the individual, everyone has access to the same Archangels.

ANCESTORS : Ancestral guides are entities that have some kind of blood connection to us and our lineage. An ancestral guide could be a recently deceased member of your family (mother, father, aunt, grandfather), or a long-dead relative that you have perhaps never met in your lifetime.

It is believed that because they have crossed over to the other side of life, these spirit guides act as mediators between the living and the higher spirit (or the Almighty God).

Look at signs that they are with you, these can be in the form of a bird that is always around you or even a smell that reminds you of a long departed relative.

Higher Self: Our Higher Self is the wise being within all of us. It is a calm, loving, and spiritual guide that brings our positive characteristics to the surface and tasks us with questioning our lower nature. When we live in alignment with the inner wisdom of our Higher Selves, we become the best possible version of ourselves. Our Higher Self knows our purpose in life, and encompasses our potential to live a fulfilling and joyous life through personal growth and self-awareness.

Inner Self: The inner self is an individual’s personal, internal identity - one that does not come from identities defined by external, social forces and relationships. It is closely linked to a person’s values, beliefs, goals and motivations.

And then there is Me: the physical body in which we are beings having a human experience. Its holds our soul to which its purpose is to remember the truth of who we are, and then share that with the world.


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