My 7 Steps to Reading Oracle Cards

Wondering if there is a right way to read oracle cards? 
 Here's my 7 steps that I use. 

STEP 1: Set Your Intention:

When reading Oracle Cards, there is an immense benefit in beginning with a clear intention for what you are trying to accomplish. I like to begin my readings by cleansing my cards, usually knocking on them three times to "drop" any unwanted energy that may have attached to the cards. (This is separate to the regular smudging that I do with the cards).

Then take a few moments to breathe, relax and shift your awareness inward. Next call in your team of guides and angels of love and light, and ask for clear knowledge, wisdom and truth that will most serve you.

STEP 2: Focus Your Reading with a Question:

Next... Ask a question. The more specific your question, the more specific the guidance you receive with be. You don't have to ask you question aloud, but it can be helpful to do so. Focus on asking questions that are open ended rather than yes/no type queries.

STEP 3: Shuffle Your Cards:

Once you have asked your question start shuffling your cards. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

If there is one important piece to share about shuffling it's this: imagine your cards are completely surrounded with light, and that as you shuffle the right cards to answer your question will automatically appear.

STEP 4: Choose Your Cards:

When you have intuitively finished shuffling the cards then fan them out with the backside of the cards facing you, either in you palm or on table. Run your dominant hand over the cards and "feel" which cards you are attracted to. Pull these cards out of the deck, and place them right side up to start the reading process.

If you shuffle and have cards that stick out or pop out of the deck in some way while shuffling then these are your cards.

The number of cards you choose will depend on what Oracle Card Spread you are using but for beginners, a one card reading or a simple 3 card past, present, future reading is a great place to begin.

STEP 5 - Gaze Into A Card

Start with the first card you have drawn and gaze into it. What do you notice about the card and its imagery? What image stands out for you? What does that symbolize?

What insight just pops into your awareness as to what the card means? Breathe, quiet your mind, open your heart and allow your intuitive guidance to reveal to you the meaning of the card.

Don't hesitate to "read between the lines", to "go out on a limb" and trust that voice within. If the cards meaning is not obvious to you please don't worry. Breathe, be open to receive, bring your awareness to your third eye space (the area of intuition) and see what else appears.

STEP 6 - Read The Guidebook

Most Oracle Decks come with a guidebook. When you first get your deck or you are a complete beginner it can be a helpful resource.

Find the pre-written message as to what card you have drawn inside the guidebook that came with your deck, and read it.

As you read, listen to the message, but also read between the lines. What is the guidebook not saying but you are feeling? What is the deeper meaning as it relates to your personal question and situation?

Remember that you have access to intuition, and the guidebook is just a trigger for those aha revelations and intuitive hits of yours to appear.

STEP 7 - Trust

Complete the above process, intuitively analyzing all the cards you have drawn, then thank your guides and angels for their presence and allow your reading to be complete.

Even if the cards you draw don't make sense, trust that you drew the right cards. Rather than think you chose incorrectly and try to repeat the reading, let it simmer for a while. Meditate on the cards you drew, and know that as you continue to practice reading Oracle Cards, you will gain deeper insight as your intuition builds and develops.

And above all have fun and trust in the process.


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